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Houston, TX: Millie Loredo, Managing Member and CEO of FilmsVerite Productions, announced today the completion of the feature horror film, “SORROW.” The company is in discussion with several distributors regarding world-wide distribution of the movie.

Filming began in Utah and production was completed in Houston, Texas, but it includes in starring roles such nationally and internationally known actors as Vannessa Vasquez, currently starring in “EAST LOS HIGH” a HULU Original Series, and Melissa Mars of “From Paris With Love” and (in France) “Mozart the Rock Opera.”

While announcing the completion of the picture, Millie said: “In this film I set out to depict fear, and from it, remorse, sorrow, universal emotions that confront us all at some time. I hope that some of this will come through, to connect with others, through this movie.”

For more information call John Benton at 281-682-3472.

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