Press Release Feb 2, 2015

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Houston, TX:

Millie Loredo, President of FilmsVerite Productions, today encouraged followers of its horror

movie “Sorrow” to attend and to celebrate with it the Days of the Dead convention in Atlanta,

February 6 and 8, 2015.

Speaking to a small group of supporters, she urged them to “mingle with the monsters among us,

learn to be a clown with Sid Haig, and visit with other iconic cult heroes of horror, at the Atlanta

Sheraton. And while there, take away from the convention a “Sorrow” tee shirt, and mark your

calendars for the “Sorrow” release on April 21, 2015.” She also noted that pre-orders of

“Sorrow” are now available.

For more information contact Millie Loredo, 832-904-6920,

or e-mail

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