Sorrow The Movie

A young woman is imprisoned and brutally savaged by sadistic serial killers. Escaping her captors she exacts revenge.

Early one morning in the bucolic town of Fieldhouse, Texas the local residents awaken and start the day preparing to go about their business. Detective Ana Salinas is called to a crime scene unaware that this dispatch is going to be far from a usual day at work. Inside the modest home are two corpses, a kill room littered with the discarded clothing of numerous victims and strewn with blood smeared torture devices.

Ana’s partner and lover is killed almost immediately when he unwittingly triggers a booby trap packing spring loaded darts. A young woman is found at the crime scene, dazed and confused with a bullet wound to the shoulder, but mysteriously slips away from the hospital before she can be questioned. It is revealed that the young woman, Mila Sweeney, a forensic psychologist has been captured weeks before by the Killers, relentlessly tortured and abducted to Texas. Mila has endured nights of unspeakable terror, listening as the psychopaths torture and kill women in an adjoining room of the house. In a desperate moment, she manages to escape and takes shelter in a local strip club, returning to the house in order to take revenge on her captors, only to be wounded in the process.

Salinas picks up the trail of fugitive Mila, who flees on a bus bound for Mexico. Apprehending Mila, Salinas returns her to Fieldhouse for further questioning. Mila attempts escape only to be thwarted by the local police chief who returns both women to the station for interrogation. Only then is the true dark secret revealed – Mila is aware that the Chief has been covering the grizzly trail of murders committed by his son a member of this secretive clan of killers.

Fearing reprisals, The Chief shoots Detective Salinas to keep her quiet and attempts to kill Mila. With her last strength, Salinas manages to finish off The Chief before dying.

An emotionally tense and powerful tale, SORROW both delights and horrifies the audience with dark psychological aspects and a clever, twisted story line which pays off with a gratifying delivery.

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Millie Loredo

Millie Loredo

Millie Loredo

Executive Producer

John Benton

Associate Producer
Pankaj Arora
Jackson Burns
Melanie DeMayo
John Mastrangelo
Ash Shah
Vannessa Vasquez

Vannessa Vasquez
Andrew Sensenig
Melissa Mars

Eric Martinez
Donny Boaz
Mary Etuk
Elle LaMont

Evangeline Gabriel Young

John Mastrangelo

Brenden Whitney

Barbara Ackles

Jhonnatan Cruz

Heather Williams
Jill Adler

Michael Basil
Marc Isaacs
Murillo Alves
Antoinette Anders
Brittany Badali
Carolyn Deskin
Alethea Bailey
John Benton
Denise Mone't
Howard Calvert
Jerry Carrillo
Travis Dunn

Uju Edoziem
Mickeal Freeland
Kareem Ghuneim
Joe Grisaffi
Andrew Hook
Mika Ireland
Miami Johnson
Kirk Mayberry
Julitta Pourciau
Sherman Rochelle
Bill Ross

Chad Thackston
Ash Thapliyal
Ana Ventura

Johnny Walker
Mandy Wilburn
Cameron Worthen
Kalie Zenaida

Rose Marie Cavanna
Daryl Rowe

Composer by
Giona Ostinelli

Cinematography by
Dustin Hethcock
Millie Loredo

Film Editing by
Kevin Ray

Special makeup effects artist
Kirk Mayberry

Makeup artist
Issac Meyer

Production Manager
Millie Loredo

Assistant director
Angela Dautreuil

First assistant director
Stephanie Madrid

Second unit director
Chelsea Thorndell

Production Designer
Hugo Guel

Property master
Derek Huey

Set Dresser
Jesus Montanez

Boom Operator 

O'Brien David Jr.
Alex Scott
Roberto Vasquez

Foley artist / Sound designer / Sound mixer 

Nicholas Gati

Special Effects Supervisor
Kristi Boul

Special Effects Assistant
Gilbert Cortez

Special Effects Technician
Kirk Mayberry
Pat Henderson

George Seman

Stunt coordinator
Jackson Burns

Stunt performer
Jody Haselbarth

Aaron Alva
Key grip
Stefan Blozinski

Dillon Bowen
Jonathan Harris
Derek Huey

Luis Bracero

Still photographer
Ulises Garcia

Second assistant camera

Joe Medina

First assistant camera
Wesley Reis

Electrician / gaffer
Jesus Montanez

Casting assistant

Murillo Alves

Casting assistant

Anna Peterek

Casting associate

Senior colorist
William Collins

Yun Mi Kum as Yun Collins)

Post-production Coordinator
Millie Loredo

Music supervisor
Millie Loredo

Script Supervisor

Sofia Dishongh

Production Assistant
John Harris

Production Assistant
Cassy LaHair

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